Upwork - Tips for beginners

Upwork – Tips for beginners

Upwork - Tips for beginners
Upwork happens to be one of the largest online market places with several million users already registered and earning. Just like most other freelancing sites, it provides a platform for people to earn doing what they love. Now I will be sharing insights on how to start earning on upwork, what you need to do and what you need not do.

Getting started:

Freelancing is already providing an alternative for millions of users as a source of income from the comfort of their home. Now with this trend, the growth and potential earnings from these platforms are unpredictable and this is why you need to join and start earning today. The first step, as usual, is to sign up. I will be walking you through these steps.

Step one: Opening an account on upwork

This is the first step towards making some money on upwork. Upon registration, you will be required to verify your email. Before I proceed, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that in upwork, two aspects are very important. The very first is getting into upwork itself while the other is placing bids for jobs and getting paid. This is not the case with Fiverr and freelancer which is why much attention should be given to these steps as will be described.

Step two: completing your profile:

Upon successful verification, the next is a very important aspect which is filling your profile. The first question that comes up is “what are the main services that you offer to clients”? Now, this is very simple but will go a long way to determine if you will actually get hired or not. Be careful to actually select your area of strength. Now let’s say that you are a writer and you did select “writing” as your preferred service. Immediately some other sub-questions will pop up to help specify the type of writing services that you can provide for example academic/research writing, article and blog writing, editing and proofreading among others. You will be allowed to choose a maximum of four services so you have to start with the best. Afterwards, you will be required to provide specific skills that you think you have that will enable you to provide these services as a professional that you have claimed to be.

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Still making reference to this example as a writer, such skills as SEO specialist, English proofreading, product description among others should be clearly stated. If you feel you have previous experience even though you might be new to upwork, you get the chance to actually choose between entry, intermediate and expert level. This will be visible on your profile and thus will go a long way to help clients understand your level of proficiency. Other useful information that is required includes a professional picture, educational overview and employment history. Upon completion and submission of your profile, verification takes about 12 hours and during this period you cannot submit proposals for any job.

One very important aspect of your profile is actually the section for a professional overview. Now I have to talk about this separately even though it is also a part of your profile. This section is like your resume/cover letter. You have one shot at giving a summary of your qualification and experience clearly stating why you should be hired. This will clearly appear on your profile for clients to see as well. Clients will most likely review your profile to decide if your skills and experience match what they are looking for. This is your opportunity to market your freelance business to clients. Note that your profile must be approved, so take the time to fill it out accurately.

What next if I get hired?

Well, that’s a big congratulation to you as you are one step closer to making some really cool cash online. Once your profile is approved, the next step is to write your proposal and start bidding for jobs.

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Writing a good proposal:

Your profile did get you into upwork which is a good thing. Another plus is the fact that the clients will also have to see your profile anytime you send a proposal but then the proposal is like your passport. It is what makes them leave the dozens of other bidders to actually check you out. Now you see that it has to be well crafted and constructed. Most freelancers do not have the patience to craft proposals instead they already have generic proposals that they just copy and paste anytime a similar job is posted. Most of the clients are actually aware of this trend and as such will pay attention to bidders who actually pay attention to their project details. Imagine sending a generic proposal suitable for blog writing for academic research writing?

I am not saying that you have to write a fresh proposal each time you want to place a bid rather I am saying that you read the project description carefully and review your proposal properly to ensure that it actually suits the job. Now your proposal is ready for submission but there is another condition before you can actually start submitting proposals. Do you have connects?

Summiting proposals using connects:

Connects are actually your password to submitting your proposals. If you don’t have any then you cannot submit so the big question is what are connects? They are virtual tokens that you must have to submit any proposal as long as you are the one bidding for the job. Usually, it takes between 1 – 5 connects depending on the size of the project. Connects can be purchased ($1 per connect) and there are actually various plans available. Some plans allow for roll over while some don’t depending on the package you select. Another good news is that if a client actually contacts you without you having to submit a proposal then you will not be needing any connect. Also, if the project you submitted a proposal for was cancelled without you reaching any contact with the client then your connect will be returned to you.

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What if I don’t get hired?

Honestly following recent competitions in the freelancing world, it is very difficult to actually get a place in top freelancing sites like upwork. Now the purpose of this article is to actually increase your chances of getting in and I believe that with all the information provide so far, you do stand a chance of joining one of the biggest online market places. Eventually, you do not get hired for whatever reason if you did read this post and it turned out that way believe me it is not necessarily because your profile wasn’t good enough but like their typical generic response will say, it might be because they already have too many persons who can offer such services. All you have to do is keep trying to modify your profile until they accept you. The good thing is that you are already a registered member even though your account has not been approved to start bidding for jobs, you can actually work with clients who contact you directly. It doesn’t and won’t cost you anything to actually give it a try so why aim for the roof when you can for the sky?

Once again good luck!!!

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