eBay and Amazon

How to Make Money on Amazon and eBay – Six Legit & Verified Ways only

eBay and Amazon

As well as scouring the web and getting shocked by those who reportedly made thousands from Amazon and eBay, did you know it could be more than a side hustle if you give it as shot too?

In the midst of the now-ubiquitous digital revolution, you probably have no reason to remain broke, yet the planet’s largest marketplaces beckon. Sure, you’ve heard how many made a killing off these two major brands and wondered how, why, where and such like puzzlements. But as you continue with your dream and perhaps can’t wait to make your first bucks, it is important first to acknowledge that it is indeed possible to make a living from Amazon and eBay.

You can sell products and services, almost free of charge and right away. In fact, you can sell what you don’t manufacture or what you’ve never even used – all at the comfort of your house. Important to note, however, is, Amazon and eBay aren’t get-rich-quick havens where you sign up today, and you smile all the way to the bank the next day. You have to work your butt off, grind and employ all the legal, ethical tactics you probably know of.

Making Money on Amazon and eBay

The story gets even juicier when we reveal that some of these ways require no capital and expensive and specialized training whatsoever. Thank the heavens, social media and discussion forums like Quora and Reddit are there to offer invaluable guidance at no fee. Well, let’s savor how to make money on Amazon and eBay assuming you need a comprehensive, clear-cut list done for the newbies and the seasoned alike.

Be a Dropshipper

It is a bit unreal that many earn a huge chunk of cash at the expense of original sellers and with or without the knowledge of the buyer. Drop shipping isn’t an entirely new way of making a huge profit online, but thanks to the recent advancements in technology, modern-day web-entrepreneurs are indeed reaping big. Trust me; you can earn over $10,000 in earnings in a year as a drop-shipper.

Being a drop-shipper means you create an independent store like using Shopify or Magento then selling items available on either Amazon or eBay or both marketplaces, of course, at a profit. As a drop-shipper, you’ll be getting buyers visiting your store and buying whatever they needed from you. Once you make a sale, you head to the two platforms whereby you’ll then ensure they’re shipped the consignment they had ordered.

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Dropshipping through eBay and Amazon is a benefit-filled way of earning money online. Firstly, it is easy to start as there is a couple of tools and software available freely, including Orbelo and Shopify. Again, no expensive marketing is needed the moment everything starts rolling. You’ll never have to set up a warehouse since everything happens online.

Open Your Store and Be a 3rd Party Seller

When it comes to selling items online and independently, eBay stores function nearly the same way as Amazon’s eStore with no limits as to what to sell. Being an e-commerce store owner at these two online marketplaces, you’ll benefit in multiple ways, including eBay promoting your store on search engines. Amazon is arguably the mother of them all, and thanks to its reported a million clicks a month and the trust and confidence it commands amongst the rapidly expanding online shoppers, you’ll quickly make a decent income.

What’s more, each store that sells and earns buyers’ trust and reputation through awesome ratings and reviews gets to feature as a go-to seller. The platform’s regulation also protects both parties, and thus every transaction is safe. And so, whether you’re selling what you manufacture or someone else’s products repackaged as yours, you’ll not feel like you may be scammed.

Regarding being an independent store owner on these two largest marketplaces, you can:

  1. Sell your unique and privately labeled items – Amazon and eBay listings.
  2. Sell items in wholesale – both yours and other people’s.
  3. Buy items from a physical store and offer them to the burgeoning online shopping population for a profit.
  4. Buy online and sell them online without even repackaging them.
  5. Sell your services and expertise such as inspirational books and CDs.
  6. Sell what you no longer use

For starters, we’ve got a befitting adage for you – sell old junk filling the entire space in your house. Yes, junk might be anything old and seemingly obsolete like a PC, music system or even your grandma’s gold engagement ring. Or, those clothes, cutlery, and furniture you no longer use and may benefit somebody elsewhere. It is a wild world with no rules and provided you package it well, trust me you could gain a decent pay from your junk.

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Through eBay, there’s the “Selling Inspiration House” feature whereby all those used items are showcased to interested buyers for free. Amazon Handmade, though quite different from eBay’s “Selling Inspiration House” enables many to earn a decent fee for handmade wares, pretty much like Etsy. Amazon is lovely, though since it offers as little as 12% referral fee for every successful sign-up and items listed for sale.

Be an Affiliate Marketer

For you, the lazy and savvy individual, this one is for you. You’ll be sitting on your couch and selling another person’s products expecting a commission through the Amazon Associates program. Essentially, your role will be to channel traffic that converts to the original seller’s item, and when the item is purchased, you get a commission.

To be a guru through both Amazon affiliate marketing program and eBay affiliate, you’ll have to be smart and willing to go above and beyond for the betterment of the original seller. Everything is centered on your own referral URL link that directs people to the seller’s item. Whether you start a website and blog or using Google Ad-words, forum posting, and social networking sites, it all depends on your ingenuity.

Amazon’s Advantage Program

Amazon is a legendary brand that often helps many purchase commodities and services without the common bottlenecks associated with the everyday transactions. One excellent example is the Advantage program whereby you simply publish a book on the site. It doesn’t matter whether the same book is available elsewhere provided you fully own the rights to it or you are the original author.

It is called Kindle Direct Publishing, and the entire process may take as little as five minutes and another 48 hours before the book goes live. At the Amazon website, everything is pretty straightforward, and as long as it is a compelling book, you’ll be paid whenever someone needs to read it. It doesn’t matter how awful your writing skills are every transaction made means you’ll get an impressive 70% royalties.

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Payments for small tasks via Mechanical Turk

You don’t have to a junkie in selling stuff to earn a few more dollars in Amazon. Mturk is awash with small ‘work-at-home’ gigs designed for everyone. You can just describe an image for ten words or create a semi-detailed review for $2.50 and other simpler tasks. The major drawback – most of the jobs are low-paying, and you’ll need the patience of an ox, and the right expertise to wade through the riff-raff and get better earning gigs.

Discounts for Amazon Reviews

There’s a rather silent way of earning from Amazon. You’ll first need to create an account at Snagshout before you’re granted free access to many, extremely discounted Amazon products in exchange for your honest reviews regarding whatever you purchased. I’m talking about discounts ranging from 50% to 99% or even free with everything happening conventionally, pretty much like you generally make your purchases online.

Final Thoughts

Perhaps you’ve understood the right ways of making money on Amazon and eBay, and you’re spirited to delve into this expansive world. But before you resolve to take the plunge, first understand each nitty-gritty and ingredient of success required and what the successful names and brands use.

As an affiliate marketer, you’ll have to discover your niche before creating a link-building strategy so that your blog, website or social forum gains visibility. If you choose to be an independent store owner, be sure to invest in products that sell and creating a price that favors your audience. The same could be applied if you choose to drop-ship through eBay and Amazon marketplaces, although you’ll need lots of marketing as well.

Apparently, you can’t cry foul when these two platforms are waiting for your enthusiasm, skill and expertise. Some of these ways of earning online may need up-front work such as training and a bit of starting capital. But when all’s said and done, all these techniques aren’t shortcuts to being rich; be patient, and you’ll be taking home a decent paycheck.ofewaa

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