Fiverr- Tips for beginners

Fiverr- Tips for beginners


Fiverr- Tips for beginnersIn one of my previous posts, I have given a general insight on how to make money online with a particular emphasis on freelancing. This time, I am going to be hitting the nail on the head by sharing in detailed steps how to actually join and start earning from some of the top freelancing sites available today. This article will be focusing on Fiverr.

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is an online platform where people buy and sell services. What do you buy and sell? At Fiverr, the services are called gig. Now, this is a very important concept as your entire activity on Fiverr will be determined by your gig which is defined by what you actually have to offer. What is a gig? Well, it is simply what you have to sell if you are a seller or what you want to buy if you are a buyer. That means that one can register as a seller of a buyer. The good thing is that you can actually do both on the same account thus you can be a buyer as well as a seller. Now let’s get started with how this actually works.

How it works

The first step in making money on Fiverr is to open an account. Upon completion of the registration and necessary verification of mobile and email ID, it is also very important to work on your profile features by providing all the necessary information. For a newbie with no Fiverr experience, your profile gives you an opportunity to create a good first impression. Now you have to keep it brief and simple as there is actually a limit to the number of words you can use. Now let’s get into the real deal which is actually creating and managing your gig.

Creating a gig

Step one: Choosing a title

Now, this is actually the most important aspect of gig creation. Well, it seems everything is important actually but this is much more. You need to keep it simple and attractive. How important is this? Well, this is important because your gig title is like your identity and this is what people see when they look for you. As a matter of fact, most buyers on Fiverr do not have the time to start going through the profile of millions of sellers, they just have to input key words with respect to the gig they need or select the appropriate tag. Now if your title has such keywords that the buyer used in the search, your profile will automatically come up. With this, you are one step closer to making some money.

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After choosing an appropriate title, the next step is to select a category and search tags. Let’s say you choose the title “I will proofread and edit 1000 words in 24 hours” There are many sellers offering proofreading/Editing services as well but to get the attention that you seek, be specific with the number of words and delivery time. The same applies for other gigs, you just have to be specific and give the buyers reasons to buy your gig. Now with this title, for example, it is also expected that you select writing and translation as the main category while also selecting proofreading and editing as the subcategory. Some other suggested categories will pop up but the first one is what really matters. Now selecting the appropriate category is very important as most buyers just go straight to these categories to search for gigs so imagine if your gig falls under a different category. Another feature that pops us is the service type wherein you get to select your preferred language. The more languages you can work with the better but be careful not to choose a language you don’t understand. Also, you get a chance to select the type of service you wish to provide by ticking appropriately the options provided. You can also suggest one service if it is not included in the list already provided. After filling all the necessary information in this section, click on save and continue to move to the next section which is the pricing.

Step two: pricing

The entire essence of joining Fiverr in the first place is to make money so here is an opportunity for you o decide on how much you wish to sell your services. Fiverr offers the opportunity for sellers to offer 3 packages in one gig. Now, this is pretty cool as it provides an opportunity for you to vary your services at different costs. This is a preferred option so just click on the icon “3 packages” and you will have the option to
offer your gig in “basic” “standard” and “premium packages”. Now there should be a little variation in the quality of services that you intend to offer in all these packages. The price, time of delivery and any others should be considered and indicated appropriately. Also, you can include what is called “my gig extra” where in you get to charge more for additional services that cannot be included in the product description. Once this is done, you can click to save and proceed to the next which is the product description and FAQ section.

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Gig description

This is another important aspect of gig creation. It is like your resume or cover letter where you get the chance to actually tell potential buyers what you have to offer them and why they should buy your gig leaving out the millions of others available. The idea is to give details of what you are offering for sale but in a very brief way not leaving out the important details. Personally, I wrote my first gig description without doing any prior research as regards what it should look like. Eventually, when I took the time to check other peoples gig description on similar services, I said to myself that I would not even purchase my own gig with that kind of description. Ultimately, I reviewed quite a number of similar gig descriptions and used it to compose mine which made a lot of sense. Eventually, I started getting views and clicks almost afterward so now you see how important this is.

After giving a detailed description of your gig, you could also create some possible questions you feel some buyers might want to ask you and provide the necessary answers. This will also go a long way to attract buyers after viewing your gig. Once this is done, click save and move to the next which section which is actually where you ask for any information that will help you provide a better service to your buyers. You have to clearly state what you need and how you want them to respond to your requirements. Afterward, click on save and move to the next section which is the gallery. Here you will be required to upload relevant images, videos, pdf documents to complement your gig description. Now the idea behind this is that most buyers will actually feel compelled to buy your gig following that you have taken your time to provide all the necessary details. You can choose to design an image using Photoshop but you should be careful not to use images already in use by other sellers. The image should be professionally designed to depict your services.

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Another important aspect of gig description is the video section. Personally, I do not recommend that you repeat what you have already written down rather, use the opportunity to tell them something different. Gigs with video description have been shown to receive more orders and as such, it is very important. Samples of your previous works will go a long way in convincing a buyer that you are actually not a newbie in the business but just new to the platform. Get your best samples in pdf format and attach. The truth is that some buyers will take the pain to actually go through all these and like I did mention, all these put together will go a long way to help you land your first buyer.

Step 3: Publishing and promoting your gig

Now, this is the last step in creating your gig. Once you are done filling all the relevant details, click on publish gig and you are good to go. All you have to do now is just promote your gig in social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram. Relax and wait for buyers to contact you and in no time you will start earning. But before I go here is what you also need to know.

What you need to know:

Now with all the steps that I have described so far, I can guarantee that in no time you will start earning much money than you can possibly imagine but I must also tell you that it is not as simple as it looks. In the general post as regards making money online, I have mentioned that you will need some basic tools and commitment on your own path. I will advise you read the previous post first before this one so you can have a better understanding of what you are getting yourself into.

Good luck!!!

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